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New energy applications integration solutions is the development of industrial products standby power, non-power used in automotive, automotive electronics, medical equipment, LED, communication base stations and other high-power standby power.
Vehicle equipped with power equipment
When normal driving, the power system to standby power supply, parking, parking standby power when available to supply the following equipment: automotive electronic equipment (GPS / DVD / stereo, etc.), when the car refrigerator, air conditioning, car camping light. In this way, the car stuck in traffic and long waits signal cycle time, you can turn off the engine, and the supporting backup power supply on-board equipment. Whether it is less fuel consumption or carbon emissions are embodied life.

Data Center UPS (uninterruptible power supply) backup power
Currently, most UPS products are based on lead-acid batteries as energy storage devices, but because of its weight caused the room carrying too heavy, high maintenance requirements, a relatively short life, rich in toxicity and other issues are also prominent. Lithium-polymer batteries and lead-acid battery has the same function, so the lithium polymer battery UPS backup power to be the best alternative to lead-acid batteries in green power technology.
Medical equipment used to move / backup power
Portable medical devices must be truly portable full sense to provide patients with the best service. Therefore, the demand for smaller, more portable medical device is thus significantly increased, which greatly stimulated the interest of higher energy density of people, a more compact battery pack. I hope to improve the performance of on-site rescue equipment, medical equipment, surveillance equipment and fixed, thus promoting the development of the health care industry. Compared with other conventional technologies, lithium-ion battery has many advantages in applications in portable medical devices, including higher energy density, lighter weight, longer cycle life, the battery capacity to maintain better characteristics, as well as a wider temperature range.

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